Wednesday, January 5

Movie Night

Everything is Illuminated

Holy goodness this movie is strange. It begins with a slow and kind of hard to follow account of a family. I wasn't really paying much attention so it might have been more interesting. I really started liking it at the point at the well, diner? restaurant? table with meat that only comes with potatoes.

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. even turns out to be a pretty nice idiot of a dog. I love that the guy uses the word "premium" to describe anything cool, or spectacular.

Elijah Wood's character Johnathan is so ridiculously awkward that it is almost painful but it's an interesting comparison of the culture clash. Howerver I don't really think of Ukrainians as extremely outgoing people.  Though I could be mistaken by that. I have only met 2 Ukrainians and they were teenage girls that had a lot of attitude. They would not be in the extrovert category. 

As I'm watching it I'm trying to understand the pices of the grandfather's past, both the tour guide grandfather and the one whose past is being searched for.  It sems that the living grandfather is coming to terms with his side of WWII and what his anti-semitism has stemmed from.

As the movie progressed I liked it more and more. It is a story of history and putting together the pieces.  There is always more hidden than we see on the surface, and if we search hard enough, everything will be illuminated.
(awkwardly working in...the movie title)

The end. Oh the end.

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lindsey said...

oh my crap.
i watched this movie YEARS ago and was sooo confused ny it.
its my sisters favorite movie.
- i do remember him saying premium alot and i have since stolen it and everytime i get a close parking spot to where im going i say "premium parking spot!"
- sammy davis jr jr was my fav character.
him i understood.