Wednesday, January 5

Exploring Home

Wow. I am eternally sore and I need to go back to the gym ASAP. It hurts so good! Last winter Erika and I took a weight lifting class together and I really liked it but I sure forgot how much work it takes to get my stamina built up. Well, pain is gain and I'm gonna get these little muscles of mine back up to how nice they were a year ago. 

A day of hats, humanity, and Humboldt

Today I went on an adventure with my friend Brooke down in Ferndale.  Brooke and I met my senior year of high school through some of my friends from Fortuna (both of these towns are about half an hour south of where I grew up).  We didn't have any plans for the day but to talk and catch up while we explored Main Street of the tiny Victorian town.  We had a delicious and probably not so nutrious lunch at the Ferndale Pizza Company and set off for some window shopping. 

The film noir secretary to the detective hat

As we glanced through the glass at a pair of earrings we both jumped back in shock as we realized that there was a dog right below them looking up at us!  The woman who owns the shop pulled us in and chatted for a while.  When I say chatted, well, it went something like this: She loo
ked like Professor Trelawny straight out of Harry Potter book 3 and was wearing some mass of yoga pants and wrapped up sweaters with at least 3 rings on each hand and frizzy hair coming loose from a hair tie that she probably put in the night before.
She began the conversation with "Come in! I've just been online dating for the past few days and I'm so tired!"  Uh...ok?  We heard all about the British guy she's dating and the one whos' teenage daugher had a bunch of crazy underage drunks over on new years.  Oh boy. At least 20 minutes of her incessant babble went on until we were finally able to get out of that little place.  She seemed really lonely and I think it was probably good that we stayed to talk a little.

The pimp hat and the innocent little girl

The rest of the trip was lighthearted and we tried on lots of hats at Abraxas and made up scenarios that each would be worn in.  A good day yes, a good day. Oh yeah! And my tights from We Love Colors came!

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molly said...

i looove that feathered hat and that woman sounds like such a character!