Friday, January 7

The Ideal Double Date

Yes, the past two evenings have been filled with a Pushing Dasies marathon which has been far too long in the making.  Kristin and I have a weakness for the nerdy too talkitive type and we realized tonight (via cross country and time zone texting) that we would make the ultimate foursome if finally combined with our TV sweethearts. We meaning; Ned the Piemaker and Kristin, Me and Chuck Bartowski of Chuck.  Wahoo! Here's our pretend date. Indulge me and play along?

Well here's Kristin's idea, it begins with dinner at Craigo's (the world's best pizza place, located in Rexburg,Idaho. Yes, there are potato flakes in the crust) and would continue for like, ever because it would end in Eureka (California) at Bon Boniere ice cream (the world's best frozen dairy).  Yes, my best friend is a fantastic schemer.  If you plan the world's longest dates to the best places then you get to spend all of that time with your favorite people! I'd like this arranged please.

Now my idea was an evening at the Buy More in the home theater room playing board games and watching both Tron movies (with cuddling being not optional) followed by something yummy at the Pie Hole. A delicious situation that I would love to find myself in.

But alas, I will not be going on this date any time soon. Nor will Kristin. But I do have a lovely kitty sitting on my back as I write this and I think that will do just fine for now.

Also, I'm not really sure why I chose the ridiculous picture of myself. But it seemed most fitting. And Kristin's new glasses are so cute!

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

aww I have the same type of cat back at home :)