Sunday, January 9


I've been an avid follower and poster on Pinterest for the past few months and this quote is one of the most popular posts today

Now I can say that I am mildly put into this situation daily as my mom has found a new favorite food, green smoothies.  I'm a die hard believer that smoothies should be delicious blends of fruits and dairy with a yummy little bit of whipped cream on the top, with maybe a serving or two on fruit included.  My mother on the other hand has a new cookbook of health friendly blends and she's having a kick out of feeding us all her concoctions.  She claims that if it follows the recipe it has to be delicious. 

Excuse me? Grapefruit + dates + spinach + cinnamon + pears+ bananas + lime + berries +cilantro does NOT equal a scrumptious blend of breakfast to me.  Cilantro? Really?  The good part is that if I throw it all back in about 3 long pulls it doesn't really taste all that bad.  And I'm getting bona fide nutrition in one glass! 
The most memorable one so far? It was pretty good, with grapes and berries, but then she said, "Oh look! Parsley!" and threw a little sprig in. Don't ever. Just trust me.  

you are what you eat. pineapple pants!

The best part of this obsession is that it gets my little sisters to each more vegetables.  What mom hasn't struggled with getting her kids to get greens in their bellies? Her other trick is when they are playing Wii she'll slice up a pineapple or some bell pepper and just stick it into their free hand. One game level later and the goodies are gone! Sneaky mom of mine :)


Derek & Brittany said...
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Derek & Brittany said...

Please tell me you purchased those pantalones! You could totally rock them. I think I need to incorporate that moto into my world.Thanks for sharing

molly said...

i am definitely of the same school of thought as you when it comes to smoothies. cilantro?? no way!
the first one sounds good if you take out the gross stuff and just leave the delicious fruits. pear smoothie! i love it

Elle said... Really Brittany? I would be like the world's first pear shaped pineapple! That would be odd.

And Molly, I totally agree. A pear smoothie sounds fantastic!