Saturday, December 18

Taking A 15 Minute Break

The packing police arrives tomorrow (aka mi madre) and I want her to be impressed by how much I have done. I actually amazed myself when I got ALL of my clothes except for jackets into a big green duffel bag and a little black carry on suitcase. Yes, the color of the luggage will help you visualize their size and my stuffing abilities better.  The donation pile downstairs is growing and growing and I'm thinking this is the most ruthless I have ever been with de-junking.

I can't figure out which makes me more sad though, getting rid of something that I bought new or getting rid of something that I thrifted or was given.  When I've purchased something full price I kind of expect myself to love it forever but my styles always changing or I really don't need the thing (like all of my kitchen stuff).  But when something is thrifted I've already decided that the item was a one of a kind treasure that was worth rescuing from guaranteed boredom to death on a dusty shelf.  How can I let something be double rejected?? That's just mean! Like kicking out a foster child.

So as I've been going through everything I have made a shopping resolution that I should be standing by better. If something is on sale, or a good buy at a thrift store, don't just get it because it is a steal.  Think about it. Would I buy it if it were full price? Because that is what makes it a good deal, actually getting better price than you planned! (But still feel free to have some of those thrifty impulses).

Here's my poster child for the story. Think long and hard like this kitteh...

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Elise said...

I wish I could have come by your little sale thing! I was shopping all day with my sisters and dad. I hope that all goes well with your moving back home, your mission papers, your mission...your life. haha. Seriously! Thanks for all the good times we had, not that we had many..haha. Anyway. Good luck with everything! Stay in touch!! :) If you have anything left over you would love to sale or give ;) to me i would gladly take it! :)