Sunday, December 26

Christmas Conversations

Some bits and pieces of my holiday at home.

Christmas evening and we have the Gables over to visit. Jason walks into the room and asks my grandpa, "Do you smoke meat?" He looks up and says, "No, only pot." Jason laughs and asks again, "but do you smoke any meat?" Grandma tunes in and adds, "I only smoke weed!"

Grandma recieved a lovely assortment of hedgehogs and displayed them all over Grandpa!

Our family does a lot of funny little gag gifts and the slippers were just a placeholder for a pair of mission shoes that my grandparents will get for me.  Some of the others were completely hilarious an ridiculous though. Don't worry. I'll share them soon!


The Hones said...

Our grandparents are the same people. Such exceptional sense of humor.

Elle said...

Of course they do Miriam! Did you see the pictures from last year with our grandmas wearinng moustaches??

Van said...

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas :)