Tuesday, December 7

May I Have A Moment Of Silence?

Because I am about to share the most devastating yet ironically funny news of my week.  I have lots of appointments this week for my mission papers beginning this morning with a trip to the dentist. Here is a brief look at my dental history:

  • 4 baby teeth pulled
  • 2 adult teeth pulled 
  • 4 wisdom teeth pulled
  • total of 10 in all
  • 4 years of braces
  • only one cavity in adult teeth to date

So I go into the office expecting a normal check up, a need for a cleaning and then get outta there. Wrong-o.  Oh Elle Jane, you may brush your teeth every morning and every night like a champ, but you can not fight fate. Would you like to guess the grand total? 9. NINE! How did I go from having one filling to needing an entire mouth full of plaster??? It won't really be full of plaster because they are tiny ones that just need to be stopped before they spread but seriously? Is there nothing that I could have done to prevent this misfortune from falling upon me? 

Thanks to my insurance policy, or lack thereof, I was only covered until I was 21 so I'm just about a year too late on this one. Lucky me. Hopefully everything goes much smoother with the doctor and at least I'm covered until I'm 26.  

So kids, floss. Seriously.

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