Sunday, December 5

Christmas is in the Air

So I will admit to a post that never was finished. I had an entire collection of Star Wars themed Halloween ideas and it just never made the final cut of being interesting enough to complete. This however, is far too cool. 

directions here

Apparently this guy Chris McVeigh posts all kinds of lego tutorials. Who knew there was even a program dedicated just to lego designs and instructions?? James and I used to play legos together on Sunday afternoons while we listened to Weird Al. That is some serious sibling connection time right there! I would build these really cool intricate houses and he would make giant cars and roll over them. Ok, so he would usually ask first but not always. I mean, little brothers are supposed to be destructive right? Like the time that he got a remote controlled car stuck in my hair...

One other super awesome Star Wars decoration for the holidays,
Darth Vader snowflakes! So cool! The directions can be found here for Vader and a Boba Fett and Storm Trooper version. I attempted one last night and I was surprised how simple they are to make!

Back to joy and gladness.
You might not believe me, but most of my presents are already done and one is even wrapped already! With the big move I had to be on top of things this year especially since I decided to do an entirely handmade Christmas. I'm not saying what I made because that would sure spoil the surprise for my family :) What I can say is that I completed and sent my ornament for Strumpet's Ornament Swap!

I based mine off of these stacked fabric trees by The Small Object (tutorial here)

Mine are a little modified (think only 3 layers and I used fusible fleece rather than thin fusible web)

Holiday tunes are one of my favorite parts of the season! Here is a little treat for you readers, the first of at least two parts of Christmas music! Its a short one since I'm bumming off of Shanda's computer again, but they are each little gems!

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michael ann said...

girl i haven't checked your blog in so long!! i'm loving it, and i'm loving your pinterest, thanks so much for sharing! def got some great craft inspirations ;]

and congrats on deciding to work towards a mission. you will do so well :]