Friday, December 31

Gifty Giggles

So as I mentioned before we do a lot of silly little presents at Christmas and I thought I'd share the weirdest ones that were in my stocking.

Sadly the alka seltzer cupcakes didn't fizz, but they do make sweet tasting water.

If you are ever craving a bite of turkey, the Thanksgiving gumballs sure don't disappoint. Seriously. They were kind of gross. Ha ha! We did convince Lucindo (he's about 8) to try one though. He had a weird little look on his face, said "tastes kind of like bacon" then just kept chewing! The other flavors in the pack were cranberry and pumpkin pie.

My uncle has started a tradition of finding super cool socks for me and my sisters each year. Last year he got us each a set of Little Miss Matched socks. They come in sets of three! This year was Sock It To Me. He chose me the Chat Noir pair. Love 'em!

And the final little goody that I'm going to share, fix a bad haircut in a box! It's a tiny little box of gum with the directions to chew and strategically hold hair up to cover the poorly cut places. Not so sure that I'll be following the directions, but it does give you fruity fresh breath!

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Grace said...

love it! those are some funny gifts and what is up with that gum thing lol. how do people come up with these things. well have a happy new year!