Tuesday, November 9

We Need More Family Pictures

9. A photo of your family
This was right after Sophi was baptized, so...August of 08

We haven't all been together for such a long time because of James being on his mission and Chelsea being married.  As soon as that boy gets back I demand a photo session because I have a very limited number of family pictures that I allow to be public! 
One time they were so so bad. At least I feel terrible in them. We're all wearing red and black (meaning my jazz choir uniform and my sister in her band dress) and I had been at a friends house the night before. I insisted on showering when I got home and I never blow dried my hair in those days. So there I am, awkward smile, bushy eyebrows, red tuxedo shirt and black tie. Obviously not happy. Oh well. It's only on the the living room wall for everyone to see. No big deal. 

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