Thursday, November 4

Thrifty Thrift!

I am making good, good use of my day off tomorrow. Jaimee and I are caravaning down to Idaho Falls (with Saucy in tow) to hit up as many second hand stores as we possibly can. I started a little early by going to Desert Industries with Erika today and I totally scored! I'm going to take some nice pictures of what I found, but I'll wait until we're done tomorrow to show off the whole haul.

My goal is to find a few animal shirts and pairs of frames with couples in them. A vague sounding description, but I'll show the start of my collection later :) Think facing silhouettes and little Italian children.

Wish us luck!

Also, the most epicly epic giveaway is taking place at Miss Biscuit's website. You're invited to the Pants Party!!! (I don't think Brick will be there, but Ron Burgundy may be. Go enter to win!!! If you win and I don't you have to do something nice for me because I told you about it ;)


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