Thursday, November 4

Free Patterns Make My Day

Hel-loooooooo Moda Bake Shop!!! In our fabric department we have a bunch of old jelly rolls that have outlived their bolted counterparts so we are going to take them apart, dump them in a bin, and sell them for a dollar a strip! I wanted to find some ideas of what to do with them besides twisty flowers and Ruffle Joy Skirts so I headed over to the Moda Bake Shop website. Therese has found a few free patterns for quilts there but I'm a minimalist quilter and was hoping for more projects than that. Boy did I score! 
Head over to the website and click on recipes for more projects. 
Here are some that I took a fancy to:

I just love them! I guess none of these projects finds a use for the jelly roll strips, but they would be excellent for using up some scraps in my stash!

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