Monday, November 8

Really. This Question is Impossible

8. Photo of your favorite music group
I can't just settle on one favorite band to choose a picture of so we'll go with my top 5:

Brand New:Deja Entendu is the best cd ever created. 

3Oh!3:Sometimes all I need is a little booty shaking bad boy music to get me going in the morning. And afternoon. And night.

Jason Mraz:There was a period of time that I only listened to Jason Mraz. He covers so many different moods that his music is always applicable!

The Avett Brothers: My mother will gladly tell you how proud she is that her taste in music rubbed off on me. But not Annie Lennox. You'll never get her on my iPod mom. No matter how hard you try.

Buddy Holly: I've had a crush on Buddy Holly since 5th grade.

I didn't only choose guys intentionally, I'm just really picky about what female singers I like and none of them are really my absolute favorites.  I think its because there is something so attractive about a man that can sing and they really have to be unique.

Most recent giveaway that I've entered:
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Ok. You can enter too.

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