Sunday, October 31

All Hallows Eve

Well these pictures are really from Halloween Eve. That's the glory of living in a 99% Mormon community, if a holiday is on Sunday you can just expect it to be celebrated the day before. My friends Hannah and Shane threw a great party at their new house in Rigby and Erika went as, date? Everyone there was married or in a serious relationship and we counted 5 pregnant women and 2 little girls. I made both of our costumes and it was so fun to show them off! I'm really proud of her Rosie the Riveter pants and she said she's going to wear them all the time now. Sorry for the lack of full body shots of both of us.

Stake makeup really prepared me for the day! I got lots of comments on my injuries

My story: Our ship was attacked by pirate zombies, but I still sometimes like human food.

Of course we went down to Rigby for lunch. Have I not stressed how much I love Tam's??

One of the little girls at the party. Her parents dressed up as Hiccup and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. Little Toothless!!! Soooooo CUTE!

Hannah and Shane are both so talented! This is the announcement to their party

Hannah is a super skilled cake decorator and we flipped through a few old Martha Stewart magazines I had saved and she found some great food ideas for her party. No one wanted to eat the cake because it looked so awesome! You can get the recipe to make one next year here!

Some more creepy food. I love monster eyes!!!

Shane and Hannah asked me to put together some music for their party and it turned out festive and fun! If you want to get your own copy of my Halloween playlist you can get it by clicking on the album title below

I hope everyone had a great Halloween with lots of tricks and treats!

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