Monday, June 28

About Time.

Tomorrow is a trip to Rigby Lake with my bestest best friend ever!  Kristin and I rarely (meaning this is the first time in 3 months) have the same day of the week off so we are planning to get good and sun soaked for this glorious holiday!!! We will be celebrating the release of 3OH!3's newest cd, the recent arrival of summer, and the midway marker for the year 2010.  The pre-party starts as soon as I stop adding to my wishlist on Amazon and get myself over to her house for a sleepover that will probably consist of nudie cake, nail painting, period drama movies, and other girly things.  You know you want to have one of your own :)
Why grow up? We intend on staying little girls at heart forever!

pssst! Want to see the wishlist?? Clicky click here!

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