Sunday, June 27

Clothing For Our Naked Walls

Shanda and I are making a "happy wall" in our dining room that consists of images we have found on our plethora of photo blogs (favorite one being photoj0urnal
She's also an expert at Picnik so we've made a few of our own (one being our favorite saying from That 70's Show, "Kelso, you're the king)
We are devoting one section of the wall solely to the fab four. I <3 The Beatles!!!
So she is currently out of town from a family emergency and I'm out of printer access. Mine is a little robot with an attitude so I don't touch it that often, and her's doesn't really get along with my computer very well? Our electronics have more drama than we do.  So I'll take this time to share some images that I found today and want to put up soon. These were all found on Etsy by searching for "typography".  Sorry that I didn't save a link to each page.  I got too many. Because I am an image addict.  But don't you worry.  I hearted a bunch of them that I will buy as soon as I have a really nice budget and place to hang them all.

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