Sunday, December 27


Somewhat Simple is a new blog I have just become a huge fan of and I am taking up the new challenge for the month of January. It is based on a point system and ten goals that will be posted next Sunday on the site. I'm never very good at keeping up on my own goals, so being part of a group where I am required to check in weekly and have the opportunity to win prizes would be most beneficial.
Feeling Fabulous
I think I'm speaking a little oddly because of an over exposure to British literature and film. Yes, Wuthering Heights is coming along quite nicely I'm now on page 260 of the Penguin Classic version with the Ruben Toledo cover. That is the picture I used on my post a while back and I just realized that I didn't mention anything about that cover. I think it quite stunning and I'll admit that it is probably what was the final motivation in my reading the novel.
I have also found a new podcast that I am infatuated with, Classic Poetry Aloud. The reader of the poems has such a soothing voice that I have taken to falling asleep to the sound of Wilde, Longfellow, and Browning. Sweet dreams to the sound of verse!

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