Tuesday, June 10


the world's most unofficial thought train post:
i'll probably think about reorganizing and or restating some of these things, but for now i just want them out there.

free patterns from burda style. join today because you know you'll use them.
some cost a few dollars, but only get them if you know what you're doing.

i'm working on state patterns

christmukkuh-my favorite episode of season one.
i'm trying to incorporate the word "minty" into my everyday language.
i can't see the movie goonies sitting up there on my shelf without thinking "seth cohen starter pack?"

add my goals in life to this blog, be official.
mark off the ones that are done? are any done?

working on a bag
but i'm stuck in a rut.
i hate it when good ideas go badly.

dance battle. start watching at 50 seconds. fall in love. wish you were a sick break dancer.

completion of that prairie skirt

need to make chocolate chip banana bread but there is kaluha pork in the oven.

i had a case of the midnight munchies because i've been pretty terrible at eating when i should. work schedules and busy lifestyles tend to mix things up, and life only gets more hectic! so here's the deal, for some reason the pita chips i ate were beyond wonderful. they made me feel warm and delicious inside.

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