Thursday, June 5

I Would Have Married You In Vegas

Here's the hottest trend, the newest idea for the Latest Endeavor shop:

that's right, own a mini version of your home state! If you feel completely unattached to your place of origin or have relocated to somewhere else I guess that's fine too. There will be softie states avaliable as well as the patterns to make your own. This picture features California and New Hampshire, but I can't take credit for Mr. NH. It was made by my good friend Michael. In fact I owe the idea to her and her creativity :) Good one Michael!

As you'll come to know, my blog headings don't usually have anything to do with immediate subject matter, they fit in the "state of mind" category. You know the song "Vegas" by All Time Low? Well it's been stuck in my head because I just realized what the lyrics are. Wow Elle. You're slow sometimes. If I could I would upload a live verzion of the song, but since I can't I can just encourage you to all go out and buy "So Wrong, It's Right" by All Time Low. I've been shamelessly promoting them pretty much everyday for the past year. Vegas is also in Nevada, which is a state. And you can buy the state of Nevada from me. Like I already said. A paragraph ago.


aRt cHiCk said...

this is a very cute idea!
: )

Kimber said...

Those are adorable Elle! Get that shop of yours stocked up.

nauvoomk said...

Good luck with your shop you will do just great!!