Tuesday, January 22

Collage Art

In the days before Polyvore and Pinterest there was the art of collage. Not that it doesn't exist anymore, but the internet has done its wicked magic and made a weird dent in my previous medium of choice. Either that or I just grew up. You pick, but I'd rather blame it on an inanimate identity than face the fact that I'm not the same little bizarre teenager. Oh wait, actually I'm very glad to have moved on from that. Anyway, back to my point. When I pulled out the collage calendar to scan it I thought I should dig out the mass of projects that were stashed under the bed as well. Some of them are actually very pretty. And all of them I am proud of. In a way they are a time capsule to the pop culture of the day and a reflection of who I was or wished to be.

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Rachel said...

OMG I LOVED making collages when I was in high school! And...still to this day :)