Sunday, May 15

Fiction Is My Friend: Part IV

(This post is bigger on the inside)

Currently I'm obsessing over Doctor Who. Obsesses is an understatement.
The aliens can be kind of dumb (they remind me of the idiot bad guys on Power Rangers) and the graphics aren't that great, but I love the idea of a time traveler that goes around making all of the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff work out the way its supposed to.

I think the big reason that I love the show so much is because of all the figuring out that has to happen. Its a constant mystery of what is going on. Everything is always changing. And its not just in the story that has twists and turns. The show has been on for 32 seasons and I only started watching it on the 27th. But it works. Ok, well I'm not here to rattle on about how the show itself works, but more to proclaim my love of it. And what better way than with things I've collected on Pinterest.

"There's a plan?"-River Song
"I don't know yet. I haven't finished talking."-Doctor

"That's a fairytale"-Doctor
"Aren't we all?"-River Song

Eccleston was a good intro Doctor, but it was really David Tennant that made the show fun. He's a ball of energy that just feeds off of ridiculous situations. Regeneration is a great part of the show because it's about self discovery. Tennants entrance was 

"An amalgam of the races they've conquered"
Yay! Use of the word amalgam!

"Go sit in the back of the class with the safety scissors and glitter"-Mickey Smith
"Expelliarmus! Good old JK!" (silly doctor going ahead in in time to read book 7)

The 11th Doctor has my favorite fashion sense. But I'm sick of all of the hipster crap about him. Except that Matt Smith is totally a hipster.

This genius kicking around in a Cyberman swimming cap. 

Remember what I was saying about Tennant? It's necessary to enjoy his silliness and the evolution of the show. I'm really soaking up how Series 5 has a distinct plotline, but its kind of like Smallville, how you have to enjoy some of the stupid nemesis episodes of seasons 1-3 before the serious stuff kicks in and ruins the fun. Oh wait. What TV doesn't do that? Chuck sure has. Getting off topic.

When the new theme song plays it makes me want to dance like this. I LOVE the updated theme song!

But Matt Smith your Doctor is just so picky and hilarious!

Can you see my internal struggle yet?

Trust me. If you start you'll never want to stop. 
[Insert the rest of these quotes now]


Felicia said...

I LOVE Dr. Who!!! It is one awesome show! I also really LOVE David Tennant, he is one sexy man! Mmmhmmm!

Viscountess Sheshire Kittten said...

i just can say "YESSSSSSS!" to Dr Who!!!!! love love love..... Eccleston is my first doctor.... we didn't knew Dr Who in France before him, we never saw that show.... i'm addict now!!! can't miss it and like to see the show again and again!

:cassia marie: said...

yes, you are obsessed. joey has been watching it since he was tiny at his grandparent's house.

Landon and Amanda said...

Yahoo!!! You've found a wonderful show and I just had to tell you that Landon and I love it too! I also feel that this past season and current season are my favorite. I love Matt Smith as the new doctor. Landon and I said that if we randomly end up with a little red headed girl, we will name her Amelia and call her Amy!