Sunday, May 1

Fiction Is My Friend: Part II

Yep. It's essential.

In 6th grade Star Wars Episode I was about to be released and all of the boys in my class were talking about it. One knew that I liked to draw and asked if I would sketch a picture of Darth Maul for him. When I brought it back the next day a few of the other boys wanted drawings as well. I figured I better see what all the fuss was about so I convinced my family into taking me to see the movie. It was love. From then on I was a Star Wars fan. In high school Abby, Brittany and I made this little video mocking the "spectacular" acting in Episode III. No matter how cheesy the films may be there's something about them that just makes an excellent story.

I learned what that was years later in a Humanities class in college while we were studying the hero's journey and Greek literature. I aced an assignment by writing a comparison of Anakin Skywalker and Oedipus. It was awesome. Thanks to the great harddrive wipe of 2010 it's not on the lappy, but I have a printed copy of it somewhere that I should track down so I can share my thrilling work.

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