Friday, May 20

Cross My Heart

In February I tackled the world of cross-stitch. Here are the results of my effort!

Little deery turned out the most like the pattern that I was working from

This one was inspired by an image that I found on Pinterest. I loved the simplicity of the outline but I had a lot of fun playing around with the colors! 

Oh please please please don't judge me by the left side of this heart!!! I have no idea what happened! Somewhere in there I must have gotten off on a row and never found my way back! This was the first one that I did so that's a good enough excuse. I think. A purist/perfectionist would go back and unpick and fix it. But have those words ever been used to describe me?

And some embroidery for good measure. 
This pattern is from Sublime Stitching. (Sexy Librarians/Secretaries)

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Alicia Marie said...

Too cute! Cross-stitch seems to be making a comeback. It's all over Twitter. Too cute Elle.