Thursday, April 28

Fiction Is My Friend

I am a Sci-fi and fantasy nerd.

It was actually made official when I was four years old and I would curl up on the couch with my grandpa to watch Star Trek. I'm going to do a little series of posts on this obsession featuring books and movies that have fueled my imagination and development.

The first little thing I want to cover though is the difference between science fiction and fantasy.
(I did a whole presentation on the subject in YA Literature but of course that's missing)

When in doubt of a book or movie's genre use this simple rule to decide;

Rivets and Planets=Science Fiction
Generally sci-fi is fiction that is about space, aliens, and scientific progress

Roots and Trees=Fantasy
Fantasy literature is typically magic based rather than science and most settings are somewhat historical

Keep in mind that these are my generalizations, and personally, I don't care much about genre when I'm choosing something to read (although I will admit that I pick ones with interesting looking covers). 

I mostly want to write these posts so that I have a record of why I love make-believe and imaginary worlds but I would love feedback and suggestions of other shows and books to discover!

I'd like to add that I've never read Dune. I just really liked that picture of it and it conveys my point. 
Some day I may get around to watching the movie with the giant sandworm and all.
But probably only because Chuck and Morgan dressed up as one...

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LauraHurst said...

I, for one, cannot wait. I'm not quite a nerd, but I do enjoy both sci-fi and fantasy. :)