Thursday, February 24

Here are some things that have struck my fancy this week

A sign like this would be so cool in an overgrown garden or a park

Grandma and I are going to make pesto baked potatoes with dinner tonight!
The blog this recipe is from is probably going to be my go-to recipe file forever.  It's the creation of a Dutch woman (don't worry, it's all in english) and her adventures as a food blogger. She takes excellent pictures and I love that her measurements aren't exact in the slightest!  The ingredient list will say 1/2 a cup and then in the recipe it says 1/3 of a cup...could be a typo, or could be someone who cooks like me and changes their mind about what's going in the pot!  I think a recipe should just be a guide to figuring out food for yourself.

My mom and I watch Psych pretty much every night.  Its true love.  You know that's right.  I think that it satisfies my need for friends my age since I don't have many out here in California.  I get my daily laughs in with Gus and Shawn and even thought eventually its easy to figure out the formula of who-killed-who there are always twists that are unexpected.  All time favorite: when the theme song changes depending on the episode like the Bollywood one and the a capella version.

Yellow Brick Road is a great pattern and I just pieced another twin size quilt this week.  I'm working on a pieced back for it and I think that I'm going to hand quilt it. (this one was made by someone else)

Baby platypuses! They look so velvety soft and I want one in my pocket.  You have to admit that they are almost cuter than a kitten..

And of course, Hipster Ariel now has a following. I think Tiana and Belle are my favorite new ones.

In music this week: My little sisters and I have been singing Kokomo for about a day straight.  It all started with this funny spin off about all the weird names of cities in Utah


LauraHurst said...

Psych is my favorite tv show ever. Hands down. I feel like James Roday and I could be really good friends in real life.

Elle said...

I know isn't he fun? And his thing with Juliet is one of the most realistic TV relationships ever

:cassia marie: said...

so far as your psych tribute goes: amen. haha. i love psych!