Thursday, February 3

I Made My Bed

But no really, I've made pretty much everything on this bed.
I didn't make the cute little owl, that was a Christmas gift from my little sister, but it was made locally.  Also the pink and purple quilt that is barely visible was made by my Great Grandma.

I've slowly been reclaiming the front office/my bedroom into my own space.  Its hard when it was already a fully functioning craft room with a futon and it now has all of my belongings in it and half of the room taken up by the bed.  The good thing about having such a big bed is that when it is made half of the room is clean!  
The top quilt is the one I previously mentioned, made with my Neptune charm pack.  I absolutely love it!  Each quilt that I have worked on has been an exercise in new techniques and this one was all about the picots (or prairie points, whichever you call them).  My home decor sewing teacher, Sister Blake, showed me a cheater way of making them without having to cut out and perfectly space each individual square! Amazing.  I'm sure that I'll promise to share it and then forget.  But hopefully I'll remember :) 

The toile pillow on the left and the rosette pillow on the right were both projects for Home Decor. I had never done home dec. sewing before and it caught on with me! In the time we were alloted to do one pillow covering project I made 3.  The center one is inspired by a project that I found on Alisa Burke's blog a while back.  The stems are a combination of hand stitched embroidery and machine stitching. I meant to do it all by hand but I really just got sick of it and wanted it done.  I also cheated with attaching the flowers and hot glued them on.  Since it is just for display I wasn't really worried about it holding up. I'd like to make another one and do quilting on it like she does. Now that I'm all grandma-ly and quilting up a storm.

Mrs. Rachel Denbow is graciously offering 3 spots in her Modern Patchwork e-course.  What a giveaway! Click on the hooray pillow to enter!


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So cute! x hivennn p.s enter my double vintage camera giveaway?

michael ann said...

soooo pinterest is too fancy pants and won't let me sign up to get one... got any sweet hookups for me? ;] haha