Thursday, February 17

Hammer Meet Nail

Bonus 10 points if you know what pop culture reference the title is from. One hint: NPH. I'm really bummed that I can't have painted nails at my current job :( They are so pretty right now and are dying for a coat of "Off With Her Red". Actually my bottle of that exploded on the drive from Idaho to California so there wouldn't be any of it if I could. I guess I'll live vicariously and through memory. 

This purple polish from the summer turned out absolutely perfect!

  This bright blue was one of my favorite colors for a long time. And the rest of the picture, was St. Patrick's Day and we went on a field trip to the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork.

And on to some fancy fingers that I wish I was sporting:
(click through for links)
Got that? Now if only I was talented enough to even do them this nice!


Anonymous said...

I could do 1 2 and POSSIBLY 4. but I've always wanted my nails to look like 3.

LauraHurst said...

Love the Toy Story nails. Awesome!