Saturday, January 15

Saturday in California

Well technically my everyday is in California. But I couldn't think of anything else creative to say.  In about 15 minutes my fake cousin Cheyenne will be here so I can do her hair for the Winter Formal. She's a sweet girl and I've been the go-to girl for fancy dance up do's since I was her age.  It'll be fun to play around with her pretty blonde hair.  

Also today: Kelli and Hector Marquez's wedding reception. Aren't they just gorgeous? 

My friend Court is the bassist in this great band J.Wride and the have a cd coming out on the 18th of February.  They just put a preview of the album up on facebook.  They did a collaboration with MIMS (you know, the guy that sings "this is why I'm hot") on their last EP. Want to hear it? Yeah, of course you do!

Also, Jesse's collaboration with John Allred. So great. I'm a huge fan of cover songs.

I'd like to also give a little shout out to my one follower on Bloglovin! It doesn't show me who my followers are, but I like that one person a lot :) Bloglovin is a great website that manages all the blogs you read so that you can just click from one new entry to the next without forgetting any! 


Kristin said...

I'm glad you took me to go see J. Wride that one time... he's super awesome and when he's playing the piano, it makes me want to die inside. Also I miss you.

Elle said...

Yep. They're great. Just don't tell Jesse that he's so great. It'll go to his head ;)