Saturday, November 6

Pre-Loved Treasures

Jaimee, Carter, and I took off to Idaho Falls today for some serious secondhand shopping! (Be warned that I photo documented all the goodies I found) Here is something that I have learned about the differences between antique shops, consignment, and thrift stores: 
1. Antique shops want you to think that you are finding a genuine treasure that is worth cashing in on big time, even if it is just some old Coke bottle.
2. Consignment stores in Idaho are not nearly as nice as the ones I've been to in California. 
3. Thrift stores are generally non-profit and have the real steals! You have no need to feel guilty about anything you find there. If you feel you must have another Dean Martin record it is only $1 and perfectly reasonable!

Honestly, the most filthy smelling diaper I have been around in a loooooong time! And Jaimee will be eternally grateful that I cropped this one down because she kind of looked like Lady Gaga without makeup and big glasses. Not that she looked like that today. Just in this picture ;)

Saucy has so much patience with us!

And he brings so much joy into our lives! I love the Young family! When we got home Steve had rented Toy Story 3 and we all laughed so hard and reflected on childhood (while Carter made a major mess involving chili and chips. Whoops.)

And on to the goods! I picked up this skirt at Panache this morning and had a lovely little chat with Brandilyn. She's such a fun girl and I'm so glad I met her! The sweater and JELLY SHOES were from thrift shops and the necklace from a seller that I'll fill you on in just a second.

 I haven't had jellies since I was tiny! They were purple with Princess Jasmine on them :)

A most important item of clothing for Idaho winters and I have somehow gone without for 4 winters! Finding them at the right price (meaning mega cheap) in the right size just barely pre-winter was a little blessing in my day! And may I suggest that thrift stores are the best place to stock up on embroidery hoops!

We discovered a scrapbooker's heaven today.  A small whiteboard sign outside of a building of law offices read "Scrapbooking paper 10 for $1" WHAT?? We pulled a reluctant toddler up the plush stairs of the building and followed little signs that led us to a vacant back office. There was a small table with a register and a sweet wife and husband with their little boy running a discount wholesale paper shop! They are the owners of Kindred Creations a daily deal website! They had a great selection of papers and embellishments (Amy Butler designs on paper!) and a deal that for every $5 you spend you get 5 free sheets of paper.  We were thrilled by all of the beautiful paper and found sealing wax for envelopes.  The stamps were really dumb but we're going on a mission to make our own or find more attractive ones. The shop is only open on weekends but they were super flexible and mentioned that if we ordered something from them we could have the shipping fees waived and just pick the items up ourselves! Definitely go check out their website! I found my super cute necklace there for only $3! 

And finally, my collection!
I found these little frames at DI about a year ago and just fell in love with them. The backs read "Made in Italy"

Yesterday at DI with Erika I found this couple
 And once you have two of something that is a legitimate time to begin a collection!
I didn't find any perfect couples, or any at all to be specific today, but I did find these frames and love them

I figured at the moment that they would work well if I found some images elsewhere. Then I found a children's reader from 1949! 

Jaimee bought the book because she is more likely to use the images from it but she gave me the title page and we plan on making cards with some of the pictures. Here are the little beauties that I've now added to the collection!

Aren't they perfect??? What do you collect?

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Brandilyn said...

ok, that skirt is definitely HOT on you! and i like your newest collection. you should blog your animal tees! i get such a kick out of the fact that you collect those. it reminded me of dave on hot rod....because he always wears shirts like that.