Saturday, November 20

Mustard for the Ketchup

day 18. a photo of one of your classes
This picture was taken of my feet by one of my teachers. It was English, Advanced Literary Composition or something like that. Basically we just tore literature apart and wrote cliche things about it.  Brother Samuelson was a fascinating teacher though and he just loved the color combination of my shoes and socks with Chandler's book bag so he took a picture! I think I was supposed to e-mail it to him but I never got around to it. And it's been two years. least I remembered now??

day 19. a photo of you on a school trip
You may not believe me, but I went to Belize and Guatemala on a school trip. President's week 2006. Oh baby. Best field trip ever! I scanned my entire computer and when it was reset I think I lost all of my pictures but I have them on a disc somewhere and I stole these off of Mandy's FB page. (It was mine originally anyway) I'm in the middle with dumb sunglasses and a light blue t-shirt.  This is in front of Temple II in Tikal, Guatemala. Temple I faces it and it is the iconic one that is most familiar but because of its stardom it is blocked off and only for admiring.  We went to the top of the one that we are standing in front of. Amazing. 

day 20. a photo of something you enjoy doing


It consumes my life. And I love being consumed. 

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:cassia marie: said...

i knew you went to belize but i didn't remember the part about guatemala. joey was on his mission there during the time you went! so crazy!! he served in quetzeltenango and talks about places all around tikal and stuff. crazy cool :)