Thursday, November 25

I'm Thankful For The Alphabet

Here is my all in good fun but totally serious list of things I am thankful for in alphabetical form.  The rule of the game is to go in order and list the first thing that comes to mind that you are grateful for. There were other things I thought of but I play by the rules and this is what emerged:

B-Bishop and Sister Wilcox
C-Cheddar Cheese
D-Deseret Industries
E-Erika Kern
F-Friends and Family
I-Ice scrapers
J-Joseph Smith
N-Neville Longbottom
O-Olives, black
R-Rain storms
S-Silly Youtube videos
T-Tattoos of the fake variety
X-Xerox machines
Y-Yummy Thanksgiving dinners!
Z-Zachary Levi

Now I don't want anyone thinking that I'm being all flippant and making fun of the Holiday or not really showing gratitude. I honestly believe that it is important to think of the obscure little things that really are blessings in our lives. I was getting out of the shower earlier and looking at how my hair color is fading again and I thought, "What a great gift that God gave us color." Because honestly it isn't a necessity, but how much better is a world full of color compared to one in shades of gray? There are so many small things in my life to be grateful for. I find it easy to appreciate the big important ones like my fantastic family and awesome friends, but I don't say how much I love tupperware that often. And I really like leftovers a lot. So I should lay it out and be straightforward. I love tupperware. 

Bishop and Sister Wilcox are on here because I'm going to have dinner at their house tonight. I'm in charge of my absolute favorite part, the sweet potatoes so I better finish getting ready and go put those suckers in the oven!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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