Tuesday, November 2

Happy Photos

3. Photo of something that makes you happy

My sister got married this summer! I'm so happy for Chelsea and her husband Jeremiah and also seeing my family together makes me so happy (do you like the ribbon of my dress that keeps it on the hanger showing? So classy). Oh wait, we're minus one because James is still on his mission, so if you doctored these photos together that would be nice.  

And my Dad's side of the family too. 


Lauren said...

I don't remember how exactly I came to stumble across your blog but I'm glad I did!
1. It's realllly cute


2. really random but the other elder in the picture of your brother (i'm assuming he's his companion) is a guy that I grew up with! He's from my stake back home! small small world in mormonlandia. Elder Mate Motuliki.


Elle said...

Oh my goodness! It really is so small!!!