Tuesday, November 23

A Fact of Life

Honey is not a replacement for brown sugar.
I learned this in a sticky not quite delicious way yesterday at dinner. I love me some acorn squash and although my cupboards are extremely low right now (read: I've been too lazy to grocery shop and cook) there was a little green squash buddy hanging out in the pantry.  They take forever to cook in the oven (Over and hour. Not worth it) so my Grandma told me to take a fork to it and throw it in the microwave for a few minutes. Hooray for Grandma! It was ready in under 10 and boy was I hungry.  Then the terror struck. I ran out of brown sugar forever ago, hence the reason I'd stopped eating yummy warm breakfast cereals and hadn't baked delicious cookies in forever. I raided all of the cupboards desperately hoping that Rosette or Shanda had some stashed in a secret hiding place, but alas, there was none.  The next best things that popped into my head were maple syrup or honey.  They're both sweet and brown right? One should be able to substitute.  WRONGO! A little drizzle of honey over my microwaved to perfection acorn squash was not what the doctor ordered.  It didn't have a terrible flavor, it just was not something I'd ever like to experience again. 
So take this as a little lesson from me. If you are ever in a bind and need something to top your gourd of choice, find a savory flavor like butter with rosemary or some other spice because honey just won't cut it.
The End.

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