Wednesday, July 7

Stayin' Cute < 3

Shanda and Elle go shopping at Fred Flare:

Would you care to explain how to use the fu manchu?

I want him to sit in my room and inspire me to read creepy stories.

Sweet tunes

Coolest idea for a book! I want to do this to keep track of my budget as well as doodle practicing! 

The only way to explain this picture is with another:

Girl and I are getting this if we ever share a room together!

Yes, the same Serendipity as the movie.  Kade and I shared one of these once and it was sooo delicious! My friend had gotten it in New York and given it to me as a birthday present but I'm so happy to find that it's available online too!

Add literal meaning to French Toast?

No matter how cheesy the term "geek chic" is, lets face it. Elle loves nerdy cute.

I actually already have these. My uncle got them for me in San Fransisco :) love them!

Star Wars freak since 6th grade. 

Could there BE a better board game than Life? Especially when I play with Chelsea and we name her children legit names like Exhibit X? Probably not. But this one is a runner up for second place! CCL's unite!

I've picked this up several times at Anthropologie and never bought it. Maybe when that happens you need to break down and just get it. Until then I'll just admire this photo album from the interwebs.

I'm pretty sure that this is the only thing we're actually buying. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The "peep hole" part of it could be awkward when the three of us are all in the bathroom at the same time because some mornings require that. Oh well! 
AND, this is the coolest lamp I've ever seen!!! (hee hee! punny!)

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