Tuesday, June 1

A Peek Into My Planner

Things I'm looking forward to this week:

Getting my supply list for Red Velvet Art Summer camp
(Have I ever told you that I have an addiction to craft supplies? particularly adhesives) 
Seeing J.Wride play at Velour
Visiting my sister and some friends in Provo
Cranking out some great wedding ideas with Chelsea
Currently playing the new 3oh!3 song on repeat
Road trip with Katie Lola!
Seriously craving a French toast and cantaloupe breakfast right now. Maybe someone will make it for me? 
Piles and piles of clean laundry. Having them, not so much looking forward to the folding
Hot tubbing. It's a weekly sport now
At least one bike ride. To work possibly?
Sunday dinner with the family in Odgen
Hopefully catching up on the season finale of Chuck!

IKEA!!! Friday night. We have a date. Don't worry mom, I'll leave my wallet in the car.
This really is the most exciting part though I think :)

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Devin said...

I agree. IKEA is the greatest thing ever!