Sunday, June 13

I Have An Odd Fear Of Papercuts

I'm returning to my bookish ways and wanting to expand my collection a little. Here are some titles I'd like. My birthday is not for another 4 months but I wouldn't be offended if you wanted to send them to me now.

I think this could be some excellent summer reading, and perhaps I could go thrifting and find some oversized binoculars to aid the boywatching?
This one reminds me of childhood. Charly had an Edward Gorey book that I used to read.  It was so gruesome to my nine year old eyes that I tried to hide the fact that I liked it. Perhaps if I had admitted to liking it I would have been introduced to Edgar Allan Poe so much earlier.
Absolutely enough said.

I hope that you are aware that macaroons are the new cupcakes.  Last September I was in San Francisco and I fell in love with all of the little sweet shops in my Uncle's neighborhood of Hayes Valley.  I saved the postcard sized fliers they had on display and I plan to frame them for my kitchen.  My absolute favorite shop is Miette.  They have mail orders Yum! Sounds like a treat that I'll have to indulge in sometime soon!

I found this little goody in an order catalog at work and I want it so badly! I just love birds of all shapes and sizes. There is another book that was shown that I want badly as well, but I can't remember the name or find it anywhere online.  Oh memory, why must you fail me at a moment like this? 

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