Monday, May 31

Today Was Glorious Because:

At 6:30 a.m. my body said, "Okay Elle! You're done sleeping! Time to get up!" and I actually listened! I'm not sure that has ever happened before. It's like some freak of nature because it was mega-sunny outside and a holiday.  Not a holiday that I could actually relax on of course.  Bre and I took our time being slow to get ready this morning and I started reading a book about the Atonement that I just picked up at Deseret Book.  It's called The Broken Heart and it was written by Bruce C. Hafen of the first quorum of the Seventy.  I'm only about 12 pages in because I'm actually taking the time to reflect and take notes.  I can already tell that I am going to love it and will probably share more about it in the future.  
So the rest of the day has pretty much been run of the mill, work, lunch break, work. But it was a short day due to the holiday and really busy.  
My bestie Katie Lola is up visiting her sister for the week so we are going to reunite our terrible trio with Kristin once she gets off.  What a perfect holiday to all be together again! 
Last night was a flower making party at Jamiee's house and she taught us all how to make several types of ribbon and fabric flowers.  Pictures will come soon! I've got a pillow project in mind:


Anonymous said...

I want that in purse form. Thanks :)

Quirky Bobbins said...

Love this idea! it really would make an adorable purse, but it's cute as a pillow too.