Sunday, May 16

The Sadder But Wiser Boy For Me

Musicals. They get me. Deep. And when I get a craving for one it won't go away until it has been thoroughly satisfied.
For the past two or so months its been The Music Man. My love for Meredith Wilson's spectacular spectacular goes back to childhood. For a long road trip my grandma made a copy of the soundtrack on a tape for me so that I could listen to it on my Walkman (Whoa. Remember cassette tape days?) and that thing was played and replayed until the tape wore out. One year for summer school choir we did a staged version of "The Well's Fargo Wagon" and I reveled in mocking the hilarious voices of the actors. Oh man oh man. I love that this musical is about real people! The character's and actors aren't glossed up doll faces that sing in perfect harmony. Except for the school board barbershop quartet. Mmm!!! Their voices are like melty warm sugar.

So an interesting fact about The Music Man is that it is President Monson's favorite musical! That justifies my fascination right? I adore the fact that his sense of humor is so great. I don't need to go into detail about how great the musical is or why its ok that I love it, I just want to share my obsession. Some people drive down Main blasting their Top 40 hits radio with the windows down to get attention. I prefer Robert Preston telling the absolute truth about my dating life. I'd rather have the boy that's been around the block. One who isn't a pushover. It's the sadder, but wiser, boy for me. Really, "I hope and I pray that Hester will win just one more A" is probably my favorite literary reference in the whole thing, and that's saying something since the names Balzac and Shakespeare are thrown around like rice at a wedding through the whole thing.

Now stop reading and head out to Grecian Urn rehearsal! You're going to be late!


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