Saturday, May 22

Reasons I Love My Job

1. I get paid to help people match colors for quilts
2. I don't have to work at a register
3. I actually use what I learned in school on a daily basis. And I've done more math in the past month than in the past three years.
4. I get to hear the same Top 40 hits and Gloria Estefan on replay (oh wait, this is on the wrong list)
5. Friendship has no age limit and I have the best coworkers!
6. I meet the most interesting women who I enjoy talking to so much. What begins as quilt talk turns easily to family matters and aspects of life. I have never been more proud of my college education as when an older lady says that she regrets not finishing her degree.
7. I have met some of the most patient husbands ever. And laughed along as we agree that most men would rather sit in the car than be surrounded by endless craft projects.
8. I get some sense of satisfaction out of organization. Not just at work, but everywhere. But at work other people get to admire it. And I like to be praised for that effort.
9. I know exactly what the students coming in for supplies need and I can answer all of their questions.
10. I work for a local business and I'm helping the local economy!!!

I'll need this pep up list for days that I get frustrated. So come and visit me! Porter's on College Ave....

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