Friday, April 23


I've realized that...I shop too much. Yes, when I have money I find fun things to do with it. Not that I live outside of my means, but probably right up on the edge. So a cure for this giveaways!
So many bloggers these days are rewarding readers with goodies they've made or just want to share. So this week I've signed up for Carrie's 100th post giveaway and although I want to win, I'd love for other people to enter and read her blog! So give a click here and enter enter enter!!!

Also, I snagged my friend's copy of Self (love that magazine!) and they have a massive giveaway coming up on May 6th. Everyone who signs up wins something! So do it! Why not?

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vandi said...

Hey Elle! Fun Blog...I'm glad I found it, plus I don't think I ever gave you mine. It's : ) Hope things are going awesome for you!