Friday, April 30

Finally Friday

Well hello full time job! Thanks for giving me something to do with my days! Thank you for giving me a way to pay my rent! Thank you for taking away the social time I have during the day! Oh wait, scratch that part. Luckily at least one thing in this small town is open after 6pm and that is the Farmer's Market!!! Today was the first one and they will be every Friday from 4pm-8pm until October 15th so head down to the Tabernacle building to check it out!

My friends David and Emily have a booth for the first time this year where they are selling homemade Italian cookies (the crispy waffle kind!) and fresh noodles. Yummy!

Jen, another friend, made the cutest aprons and chef's hats for her daughter's birthday party and they turned out so well that she is going to have a booth at the market.

The stand that I'm looking most forward to though is the corn on the cob vendors! Mmm! Fresh corn on the cob with lime!

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