Tuesday, March 30

Just Around The Riverbend!

College Senior Elle

Graduation is in 11 days. Where has my life gone?? Not that I regret what has happened in the past 21 years of my life, I just can't believe it has all gone by so fast. When we're in high school people say that those are the best years of our lives. Then we move onto college and those become the times we'll never forget. I think these cliches are really just to teach us to enjoy the moments in life and made great memories. Here are some of my favorite college memories:

move in day
meeting jaimee and my first roommates ever
the happy wall
ninja wars with brock
my first snow days
yellow and green walls in our house
the swoopy archway
swinging at porter park
jumping on the tramp in prom dresses
staying up until 5 am on msn messenger, with jaimee...
epic halloween party
watching that creepy movie in the shed
salad fingers (ew)
limewire (oooh the background can be different colors!)
"hi, my name's emily. uh, i mean elle."
roadtrip to logan
pie crust cookies
hair cholesterol
erika and lindsey's awesome mix of awesomeness
my first visit to boise
large house boys
hooker house boys
the quarter on the front step
"hey, we got your mail!"
fridge magnets with funny phrases
my plant, herbert
living at the neighbor's apartment for most of sophomore year
rick rick rick rick rick
begone loooooooooooong one
the fortune cookie game
otter pops
window watching after curfew
the "honor cod"
throwing darts into the wall
valentine's day traditions
early christmas
purple magic time
endless hours of youtube with jane
kissing would be niiiiiiiiice
literally anything related to the princess and the frog
wally singing michael buble
mlia and the funny things it makes us try
headphones up the nose?
passing out on random beds of friends
Unfortunately I can only mostly remember things from my freshman and senior years. And some of Junior winter. The other three semesters were pretty miserable and stressful. I know that this list probably doesn't really mean much to other people, but its meant for me. A time to remember how great life is. I've made great friends. I've struggled and hopefully improved and grown up. But never you fear! This little girl is free and alive in me still!

1st grade Elle

Oh and if you're wondering about the Pocahontas title...This Sunday we had a "last real Sunday of the semester" dinner party. My roommate Julie's brother Kyle brought over a Pocahontas card game that they played when they were little. I totally smoked him at it! Ha ha! So that is the relevance. I also feel like my life is going to be pretty different from now on. A lot of new goals to make and things to try! Bring it on. I'm a fully functioning adult in society now!

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