Thursday, December 24

Tall, Dark, and Loathsome

"I gave him my heart, and he took and pinched it to death; and flung it back to me"

Dang that Heathcliff is just getting to me! Last post I was what, 3 chapters in? Well I'm just past halfway now and sucked in more than ever! What an interesting story. The only thing I'd heard from friends was "Why are you wasting your time on that book" "Oh what a downer I couldn't finish it" and "It seemed like things just kept going on and on and it never ended". Well, I don't really pick up on the "Its so slow that I can't keep going" vibe at all. This is the most interesting story I've picked up in a long time. It's unpredictable. All I knew about the book previously was the name Heathcliff. Ok, is this boring. Yes. I should shut up about what I think. I like it. Its unique. Its a slow read so I get to enjoy it for even longer. And Ed Westwick is playing the dark brooding grump in the newest film version. LOOOOOOOOVE him! And he'll be perfect for the part!

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