Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

This was our roommate attempt at a Christmas picture in front of our kitchsy $20 Wal-Mart tree (yes we decorated it with paper airplanes and a nametag from Applebees).

Hooray for the holiday season! I'm at home lazying away and just as the clock hit midnight Charly popped in "It's A Wonderful Life" and I'd never seen it, but now I have! I'm a sucker for anything filmed in black and white. At Costco the other day I was sucked into the boxed movie collections they have on sale. Golly gee a girl could spend so much precious time in front of the TV screen! And you can see how small that screen is in our picture! Ha ha! Well who needs boxed movie sets for 50 bucks a pop when you get TCM? Make me up some taco popcorn, check the guide channel and let the snow block the door in!

(Oh wait, we tried that one night but the power went out for 3 hours! Erika and I took a dark walk to Main Street and then played cards with the boys by candle light. Much more fun than movies actually) (But I still really love movies)

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