Tuesday, August 11

MMM I love showering!

So I got to the library 15 minutes before it opened this morning and I was suddenly very grateful to have a house/apartment. There are so many dirty people just sprawled out around the front sliding doors waiting to be dispersed into the world of free shelter, books, and internet. The best character, this man in a little silver beater car parked next to me and as I glanced over I saw him whip out his electric razor. Not even kidding, he started shaving his moustache stubble right there in the drivers seat! I just busted up laughing! Got to look good to go into the library! A few minutes later he was violently yanking what looked like ear hairs out. Not even kidding! Finally the doors opened up and as he got out grinning I noticed a few teeth missing. I sure hope he didn't pull those out for his beauty routine! Classy.

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