Monday, June 2

Just Another Manic Monday

As I was sitting in the break room at my minimum wage commercial "bullseye" store today I overheard some guys from the electronics section joking about the company's blogging policy. I remember back in the days when I worked at Borders there was a policy and I just never really cared about it. Do I now? I really don't. So here's the juicy cashier drama: nothing happens. But I did talk to a super cute boy today, with a snake bite piercing. Mmmmmm!

I used to make lists with my roommates of goals in life. Ileana would always say "My goal in life is to....see an John...clean the toilet." You know, pretty much everything :)
I came up with a list of serious goals I have for myself, and we'll get there in a minute, but back to Mr. Snake Piercing. Another roommate, Lindsey, and I added "kiss a boy with a lip piercing and tattoos" to our lists. If I don't find one soon I might resort to something drastic, like stalking John Vesely of Secondhand Serenade. Here's his latest song, but the video is kind of annoying, why would he have a half naked girl in it when obviously all of his fans are girls. We're just here to see/hear you John!
Enjoy it anyway :)

In other news:

For the past few nights I've had very obscure vivid dreams. The sort of dreams that blend in with what's been going on during the day. The subconsious kind. Freud would probably be proud of me for paying attention to them and trying to figure out what they mean. Not that I completely agree with Freudian thinking. While we're on the subject, of Freud that is, I'll share a little family story.
As I know it my Great Grandmother was having tea one day at a little shop and Mr. F comes up to her and asked if he could share her table. They had tea together and he told her that she had beautiful eyes. How's that for a compliment?

As I was sewing a felt dinosaur for the collection today I turned on the first season of The OC. I got the whole season from the library and I've been debating if I should start watching it. If I start I'll have to finish. One disc down and 5 to go.

I love Seth Cohen.

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